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We basically just want to echo the review via "DeafInOneEar, " who was writing about the HD203s. I owned two pairs of those headphones and possess had four pairs of the HD 202s. As significantly as Let me tell they happen to be almost identical... specially in that all of them include eventually lost sound in one ear.

I maintain buying them for the reason that audio is very great, as various reviews have explained. And they are cheap. And the extra long power cord is wonderful for my own purposes. I've earbuds intended for walking around and a pair of the HI-DEF 428s for when We don't desire a long wire and/or want more power in the bass. Check out which are the best earbuds under 50 visit

Although to reiterate.... all 6 pairs of this design Sennheiser headphones have passed away on me in a single ear, sometimes left and sometimes right. I no longer yank them or mistreat them. There is zero inciting event... one period a pair died whilst I was sitting inside my desk, I only moved to grab the remote and it slice out. Two or 3 pairs have died when I was travelling outside the house in the winter... We are in Maine, and Now i am guessing the cold will make the copper very fragile. If you want to know which are the best over ear headphones under 100 check out

The point is the fact that cords are thin and cheap, so don't anticipate these to last much longer than 6 months.

There happen to be two excellent reasons for having these kinds of headphones... they sound wonderful for the money, and they have a TWO YEAR WARRANTY for the

I merely figured this out previous week, and I think like an idiot. My spouse and i could have saved just like $100, though the difficulty of warrantee returns is usually considerable.

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