Friday 30 september 2011 5 30 /09 /Sep /2011 12:39
- By annfreespirit

Years in the two catholic church orphanages 1941 to March 1965 You are most welcome to stay a while with me, as I walk you through, my home on the web, just pull up a chair and sip a cuppa with me, as I lead you around my site, I will show you the links of my other websites, photos and tell you […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 11:17
- By annfreespirit

I am writing on behalf of all the innocent abused children of the Catholic Orphanages world wide who were put into the nuns, brothers and priests care, who are weeping and are in torment because of what happened to them so many years ago. We are calling out for help and to be heard by you, as […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 11:38
- By annfreespirit

I did not think that you would help with the thrashing of me at night, because you did not look as mean to the girls as some of the other nuns were When the girls said something bad about you, I would stand up for you. They would ask my why and I would not know Maybe, it was because you were a […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 12:10
- By annfreespirit

On my 15 birthday you cut my birthday cake up, which the two ladies gave me You told me to take the plate around, to give a piece each to the children, by the time it was my turn, to have a piece, there was none left. I went without my birthday cake. I could not ask anyone for a taste, for fear […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 12:32
- By annfreespirit

I worked from 5 AM to 2 PM, had a Break then went back until 7 PM, or later at night. I worked all my teenage years, with you, in the kitchen. In that time you abused ,me, mentally, physically and verbally, and you took delight in doing so. There were three other girls working with me and also […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 12:55
- By annfreespirit

Why did you take me to that big room and put the cloth with the mans face on it up at the window? Since then I have taken night mares and also sleep walk. You took my trust that I had for some of the other nuns away. I could not talk to boys because I was always looking for something, bad to […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 13:50
- By annfreespirit

Names of the Good Shepherd Nuns who were at Mt. Magdala Christchurch, New Zealand in the 1940s. These nun looked after us little babies and children in their orphanage, as well as, looking after the Magdalene Laundry, which were also called the Magdaele Asylum. Mother Rock Mother Mechtilde […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 14:11
- By annfreespirit

One day when I was nineteen years old, I was going to see my kind friend, Mother Frances of Rome at Mount Magdala, when I had finished work in the nazareth house kitchen, I did not have to start work until 4pm that Sunday. Sister Simeon made me wash the floors of the kitchen, by myself. She […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 14:58
- By annfreespirit

You are helping others with your statments. We have received many response from E-mails you have sent to me, we forward your emails to all our Chaplains in the world and even in Rio Brasil they know what you have gone through, it comes at a great moment in uman histry, when the bible and the […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 15:30
- By annfreespirit

Oh, dear Lady, and dear Child whom you were, I am so very very sorry for what they did to you. Surely you know it was not your fault in any way. No matter how "naughty" they said you might have been, you were just a little girl being a kid. And a teenager being just that. And a young lady being […]
Saturday 1 october 2011 6 01 /10 /Oct /2011 16:09
- By annfreespirit

Now not once have we seen this been followed through and the priest are let lose on innocent children again and again and I repeat this as my friends in New Zealand said to our lawyers. Once a pedophile always a pedophile. You have to walk in our shoes to feel our pain. You see, when you come […]
Sunday 2 october 2011 7 02 /10 /Oct /2011 02:17
- By annfreespirit

These are some of the nuns names I remember when I first went to Nazareth House and where they worked: = also the underlined nuns worked at both Nazareth House and St. Josephs Boys Home, that I know of. Nazareth House Christchurch New Zealand. Sister Veronica Sister Teresa Cayline Sister […]
Sunday 2 october 2011 7 02 /10 /Oct /2011 07:30
- By annfreespirit

Behind the Gothic facade of Nazareth House, New Zealand were the impressive stairways, long corridors, former classrooms, dozens of dormitories. Much of the interior was spartan and sunles and belied the lively facade which face Brougham Street. The first three stages of construction was […]
Sunday 2 october 2011 7 02 /10 /Oct /2011 23:36
- By annfreespirit

The Truth Will Set Them Free Now I can tell the truth about this and why I posted it as being written by my husband Brian. I had posted on the cathnews sites under my name and I also called myself Mark after a while they treated Mark just as they treated me, so I thought of Brian and that I […]
Sunday 2 october 2011 7 02 /10 /Oct /2011 23:55
- By annfreespirit

Hi All We must send this email on to all victims of abuse of the Catholic nuns, priest and their workers. We must stand by Rev. Fr. Thomas Doyle for what he stands by and that is the truth of the Canon Law. How many more priest and nuns will have to walk the same paths which Rev. Fr. Doyle has […]

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